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Results for YVKM intracellular localization motif

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(41 - 50 results)
No.Gene SymbolGene NameSynonymsOrganism
41IQCF3IQ motif containing F3Homo sapiens
42IQCF1IQ motif containing F1FLJ27508|MGC39725Homo sapiens
43IQCB1IQ motif containing B1NPHP5|PIQ|SLSN5|IQ calmodulin-binding motif containing 1|calmodulin binding protein|nephrocystin 5|p53 and DNA damage-regulated IQ motif proteinHomo sapiens
44IQCCIQ motif containing CFLJ10547|MGC120341|RP4-622L5.6Homo sapiens
45YLPM1YLP motif containing 1C14orf170|ZAP|ZAP3|nuclear protein ZAPHomo sapiens
46IQCDIQ motif containing D4933433C09RikHomo sapiens
47TRIM36tripartite motif-containing 36HAPRIN|RBCC728|RNF98|RING finger protein 98|tripartite motif protein 36|zinc-binding protein Rbcc728Homo sapiens
48TRIM74tripartite motif-containing 74MGC45440|TRIM50C|tripartite motif-containing 50CHomo sapiens
49TRIM17tripartite motif-containing 17RBCC|RNF16|terf|RING finger protein terf|ring finger protein 16|testis RING finger proteinHomo sapiens
50TRIM77tripartite motif-containing 77Homo sapiens

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